Thursday, November 17, 2016

The Prince and the Pauper

We had a beautiful sunny day with warm temperatures of 73 degrees this 17th, day of November. Warm enough for Mark to work on cleaning out paddocks with the skid steer. We now have a huge pile of manure in the middle of our circle drive. Won't the walkers be thrilled about that tomorrow morning. I spent the morning at Berean with Edie, Roma, Anna and Chuck. Together we got all the Bible's stuffed, wrapped, labeled and loaded. We just had 6 request come in today and after trying a few times to get those 6 labels to print I finally just hand wrote those. After the Bibles were dropped off at the Bartonville post office, it was home to work the foals. Today Jewel's filly got a good leading lesson and an even better tying lesson. Today she tested the rope and actually got mad when she couldn't get loose and stamped her feet like a child throwing a tantrum. It was cute to see her brain working and her reaction when she realized things don't always go the way she wants them too. I think she is the smartest filly this year. She reasons in her mind. Today she decided she wanted the window in her stall open and kept pushing it with her nose until it opened. Well I didn't want the window open. I was afraid she would decide to jump out of the window so the window was shut and latched. She worked on that for quite a while before giving up.
She was taken into the round pen for some round pen reasoning and learned very quickly if she turns and faces me she does not have to work. She and Titan are doing well together. Titan is still not drinking milk but is eating the grain with the milk powder as a top dressing. 
At 12:30 pm I left for Springfield, IL to meet the man bringing Easter Lilly up from St. Louis. He arrived at 3:10 pm in this 6 horse trailer.
I expected to see a little 2 horse pull up. Easter Lilly was backed out of his, walked right over to mine and loaded right up. I was on my way home by 3:15 pm arriving home at 4:45 pm giving me just enough time to clean up and eat a peanut butter and jam sandwich before we needed to leave for Hannah's play at ICC. The co-op this year was putting on the play The Prince and the Pauper . They always do a good job and tonight was no different. Mark drove Karin, mom and I to ICC, we got there early and enjoyed visiting with people before the play started. We had a lot of family show up, why Bethany, Bill and Joshua came all the way from Bluffton, Indiana. 

I didn't have the camera but snapped a few pictures with the phone. Everyone enjoyed it, audience and players alike. They are going to be performing one more time, tomorrow evening at 6:30 pm. They were so entertaining that we gave them a standing ovation. 
Some serious news was Mike's wife, Dort passed away last night. Sarah, their daughter wrote: We sang until the Bible Class came to sing to mom at 7:45 p.m.  They sang on the front porch and it was BEAUTIFUL!  Thank you Greg & Mary for organizing it!  There were a lot of tears as they were singing.  The last song they sang was Nearer, Still Nearer from the Tabernacle Hymns.  As they were finishing the song mom's breathing started to slow down even more.  The Bible Class was leaving so, Jon and Shawn went outside to get our boys.  Once they came in and got settled mom took her last breath.  It was 8:05 p.m.  It was so peaceful.  Some of the kids didn't even realize that she was gone.
The  visitation will be 2-4 and 6-8 on Saturday, Nov 19th, at the Tremont Apostolic Christian Church Fellowship Hall. Her funeral will be 1:00pm on Sunday, Nov 20th at the Tremont AC church. 

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