Friday, November 25, 2016

Another Saturday

It feels like we just finished a fun filled Saturday and yet there is another one scheduled for tomorrow. This Thanksgiving Holiday messes with the mind. Our company left around 10:00 am for their trip home to Elgin, IL. It is always good seeing Mark's brother Jon and his wife Kim. We enjoyed Kim's moist,  home baked pumpkin bread for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Karin came over early to work Easter Lilly. Today she rode her and honestly was disappointed. Easter Lilly doesn't know what leg aids are at all and did not want to go forward. It makes sense if she was just used as a therapy horse being led around. Easter Lilly was teased and showed so was covered by Valiant then put back in the paddock. She will be teased again tomorrow, hopefully she will be out and we can take her to Middle Grove tomorrow. After she was put away we loaded up Jewel, Rosalie and Rosalie's filly to take them back to Middle Grove.
We had an uneventful trip to Middle Grove and when we pulled up about half of the herd was out grazing on the hill side and came galloping up to see who we were bringing.

The camera was turned to video to try to capture the thundering of hooves as they came galloping down the hill, but by the time I finally figured out which button was the video it was too late. Our only geldings, Mika and Ripper were the first to arrive.
We decided to bring Marika's 5 month old colt home for weaning and to be a companion to Titan as Jewel's filly will be leaving for Texas soon. Karin went into the field and put a halter on Marika but when I let Jewel loose, the herd took off galloping up the hill taking Marika's colt with them. We waited hoping he would come back but when he didn't we started hiking up the hill. At the top of the ridge we could see them way off in the distance. Karin decided to lead Marika while I went back to the truck and trailer and drove that in. By the time I got to the big hill she had Marika and her colt at the bottom waiting. They were loaded up without a problem. At home we were very pleased at how quietly the colt walked into the barn and into a stall. He is an independent fellow. Titan was put in with him and they were given Titan's milky grain. Marika's colt started chowing down too. He has called a few times but the 2 colts are doing very well together.
The family down in Gulf Shores are having a wonderful time. The weather is sunny and warm, in the mid 70's all week. They took the Herman boat out fishing and came back with quite a catch.
 Below is Ruth playing with Jordan, her only grandson.
 Below is Riley, Ruth's only grand daughter.
 Below is the Turkey Bowl football game. This was a game that was played every year at Pleasant Home on Baer but lately has been moved to Gulf Shores as most of the family seems to head down there any chance they can. 
Rachel and Jessica took the kayak out on the lagoon. 
Mom had delicious hot turkey soup waiting when we got home from Middle Grove which was perfect for our damp cold weather here in Illinois. Mark had a terrible job today, power washing the skid steer tracks and then washing down the tractor before putting the power washer away for the winter. He came in pretty cold but warmed up quickly as we had a hot fire going in the fireplace. Phil, Anna, Braelyn, Taegan, Kensley, Dan, Susan, Levi, Abram, Karin, Mark and I all went to mom's for another day after thanksgiving dinner. For some reason those leftovers taste even better the second day.  We were going to head over to Rachel's hot tub to warm up but by the time we finished up the turkey we were all too lazy so Karin brought out the game, mom Phil, Anna and I joined her in playing a rousing funny game of Mexican Train. Karin won tonight.

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