Saturday, November 5, 2016

Epic Story

I've been silent on the amazing game 7 of the world series but that was because I was too tired and went to bed early only to be awakened at almost midnight by my cell phone going off over and over. My family were sending texts back and forth. They were all exclaiming about the win. Even my 84 year old mother stayed up to watch. Well today I found a short video on this win and want to share it here.

Maybe this won't be once in a lifetime win, it could be next year will be as good or better but this one, the one I missed, really was that exciting.
A big part of this story was the mvp of this game Ben Zobrist. His story that he shared should be watched by everyone since his story is what he would tell people "is a story of what God is teaching him."
Please watch the video below:
After hearing his testimony I just want to Bless the Lord and Worship HIS Holy name! Matt Redman turned Times Square into one big worship.

So how can someone start with a baseball game and bring it right back to where our purpose here on earth is? By worshiping our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for it was only His perfect blood that could satisfy the wrath of a righteous GOD!

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