Sunday, November 20, 2016

Dort's Funeral

Evan was feeling much better today and was put outside, he went right over to Easter Lilly and started to show-off a bit. Easter Lilly may be in season and that may have been the cause of the big fight. I didn't have time today to try to cover her but she was moved into the middle paddock so he wasn't tempted to break any boards. This morning there was just enough time to get the feeding done, breakfast cooked, the dishes done and leave for church. We only stayed for the morning service so we could make it to Tremont for Dort's funeral service by noon. Why do people wait for someone to die in order to get together? It was so good seeing and talking to everyone that it is too bad a death had to occur for that to happen. Church was packed. The minister made the statement that this must be like Lazarus' funeral when so many of the Jewish people came to mourn with Mary and Martha. So many people wept at that service, why even Jesus wept. It is ok to have tears, we were reminded that we are to rejoice with those who rejoice but also weep with those that weep. We aren't weeping for Dort but for all those she left behind. This was the first of our generation of the Meister cousins to lose a spouse. How does one go on when they lose a spouse, mother, grandmother, sister? The only answer is one day at a time with the Lord's help. The picture below was taken as we were driving home from the funeral. We were driving right into the sunset.
Rhoda and Lee brought Jack and Addyson along with their puppy out today to stay with grandma for a couple days. Ben and Taunya are in the midst of moving to Dallas and took Jace with them. Sarah and Nolan will be driving Jack and Addyson to Dallas later this week. Phil and Anna came over with their 3 and Nolan showed up with his puppy. Mike and Diane are gone to Gulf Shores so Ebby came over for the evening too. We had a full house of people and 5 dogs all in this little old farm house. As this will be the last time for these 5 to be together for months we had to get a couple pictures. Below they are getting ready to jump.
 Addyson jumped the highest. 
 Our entertainment tonight was rag time played by 3 lively loud talented grand children. 
Good thing it is cold out today and we don't have close neighbors, the noise level was amazing. This was a good ending to a very emotional day. 

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