Wednesday, November 16, 2016


For the last few days I've not been able to talk. That really shouldn't be a problem except we women always have a lot to say but when I try to talk it just won't come out. I've had to do a lot of listening.
This morning I cancelled all the Berean workers, just in case this laryngitis is catchy. I went and entered in the Bible request, then made it home in time to clean up Capricho and Caspian before the transport arrived for them.
They are now on their way to Virginia. The driver was well pleased with how easy they loaded. Both just stepped right in.
Above is Capricho and below is Caspian.
The update on Titan for today: This afternoon I gave up on trying to get him to nurse off Jewel. She was starting to get irritated with him and I don't want him hurt. Jewel was put back in the paddock and her filly was put in with Titan. Titan will not drink the Mare Milk Replacer when mixed with water so the powder is being mixed with his grain. He is eating that. I also saw him urinate today which is great news and have not seen any new diarrhea. 
Jewel's filly was given a leading lesson today and she did very well. She also had a tying lesson but she is pretty easy going and didn't test the rope at all today. 
Now for some very unusual news. 3 years ago, actually Aug 30th, 2013 I brought home a draft cross mare named Easter Lilly. She stayed just 1 day with us then left for St Louis where she was put to work as a therapy horse for handicapped children and adults. Now for the weird part of this story. Not 3 minutes after Ribbon died my phone rang, it was Steven Marchal. He was actually calling to see if we would like to have Easter Lilly back. She is getting cranky with the program but had been used for vaulting and doing well. So tomorrow I will drive down to pick her up.  Both Karin and I had said we were going to retire the vaulting program but who knows what God has in store for us. Below are some pictures of her when we brought her home in 2013. 

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