Friday, November 18, 2016

Police Van Arrives

We had a warm windy morning that changed slowly to a cold windy afternoon and a really cold windy evening. This morning after the walk goodbyes were said all around. Joan, Sarah and Hannah are leaving for Haiti tomorrow morning. Diane and Mike left this evening for Gulf Shores, Ruth is leaving Tuesday for Gulf Shores, Rachel and David's entire family are heading down to Gulf Shores as are Beth and Greg. It's going to be quiet around here for a while.
Easter Lilly needed to be given a new round bale but the bucket was on the skid steer so before changing it over to the bale spear I got one of the shelters in the middle paddock cleaned out and put a new bale there. The far paddock needed a new bale then Adara and Angelica were moved back in that paddock. Easter Lilly was put in the middle paddock so the paddock next to Evan's could get a new bale too. I just left Easter Lilly in the middle paddock but will need to move her over next to Evan's for teasing tomorrow. Now that Caspian and Capricho are gone I wanted to try putting Jewel's filly and Ribbon's colt outside into that paddock. For the first time since Ribbon died I saw her colt play. Today he was galloping around the paddock bucking. He and Jewel's filly were playing together. That was such a relief. His owner was told.
This cleaning paddocks and moving bales took all of the morning and a bit of the afternoon as it was 1:00 pm by the time I finally got back in the house. Funny I can spend all morning outside working but when it comes time to clean the house all of a sudden I have no energy. That dish washing and floor sweeping just takes too much effort but today I made the effort as tonight is rotating potluck. Not that it will be held in this house, we had 13 coming today so needed to have it at mom's. A fire was started in the wood burner to help combat the strong cold wind sneaking into this old house. Mark grilled steak, mom set the table and everyone brought delicious food to be shared. We feasted! Everything was delicious and no one was in a hurry to leave.

We had a wonderful evening of fellowship. Today I am thankful. Now for a story that happened last night. We left early for the Co-op play but Emily, Jessica and Anna decided to drive separate leaving later. Just as they were ready to pull out of the drive a police van with it's lights flashing and it's siren blaring came down the drive going all the way to Spark and Rhonda's house where it stopped. Emily asked this morning if I knew what had happened. As I didn't know, I asked the ladies on the walk and Ruth knew the answer. Spark bought a police van at the auto auction on Wednesday and brought it home last night. 

I'm sure Spark had a special reason for wanting a police van and it certainly takes up less space than the fire engine but none of us normal people can figure out his brain. Why do we need a police van in our neighborhood? 

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