Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ribbon's Obituary

Ribbon born April 25th, 2001 at Fred Wagler's farm in Loogootee, Indiana passed away 12:30 pm Nov 14th, 2016. She was raised until she was 4 years old at Fred's farm where according to him, "she was never made to do a day of work in all those 4 years." She was purchased by the Horsemeister farm Sept 19th, 2005 at an auction in Arthur, IL and taken home and children put up on her the same day. She had a great attitude and was willing to learn. She was bred to Raven and gave birth to her first foal, a filly we named Princess on June 21st, 2008. That filly was sold to a couple in Ohio and went on to be a police horse.
Ribbon was trained for vaulting exclusively by Karin Meister and performed all over the Midwest.
Below is a performance at the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, Wisconsin.
Because of her performance schedule she wasn't bred again until 2010 and gave birth August 19th, 2011 to a big filly again by Raven. This filly was named Bow (for Ribbons and Bows). She went to another great home.
Ribbon was bred back to Raven and gave birth April 25th, 2013 to another gorgeous filly. This filly stood head and shoulders over all the other foals born that year. 
Ribbon was taken to the Iowa Horse Fair with the vaulters and was put to work as the half time entertainment for a huge rodeo.
They were use to all those small quarter horses and had never seen such a huge mare performing at a rodeo. Of course she got lots of attention. 
Ribbon was used in our Friesian demos, she made such a wonderful bad guy with her huge body. She didn't mind all the weird costumes she had to wear each year. Below are a couple of her more notable costumes. She was Maleficent's dragon in the 2015 IL horse fair play:
and the Big Black Pearl in the Pirate show wearing the pirate flag in 2016:
Ribbon delivered another filly on May 16th, 2015. This filly was by Valiant and we were amazed at how much she loved kids.
She was so comfortable with them that she would stay laying down while they all petted her. Ribbon was an amazing mom to her foals. In 2016 she gave birth to her last foal and this one was a colt born Sept 12th, 2016. Ribbon leaves behind this 2 month old colt, Titan, who will need to learn to drink out of a bucket.
Below are just a few fun pictures we have of Ribbon.

We are SO going to miss this mare!


  1. This is a very sweet story of her life. Sorry for your loss. You can tell she was very much loved by all her had the chance to meet her.

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  3. I miss Ribbon. So Sad. Sorry for the loss.

  4. My heart cries with you over the loss of Ribbon. I never had the opportunity to meet her in person, but loved seeing her via pics & stories. I pray that Titan will continue to thrive with the beautiful family she knew would love & care for him. Love & prayers.💙

  5. An irreplaceable vaulting horse I'm afraid. She is missed already.
    The Reinhard Vaulters

  6. Such a full, rich life she had and what a blessing she was to all who knew and worked with her. I wish I could have met her. Praying for you all for comfort and peace, and for her little colt to survive and thrive. God bless you.