Monday, November 21, 2016

Winter Is Here

It was the coldest morning of this season so far with temperatures in the teens and a full killing frost. The horses will need to come off the pasture here but today I had grandchildren to play with so that will wait. Addyson and Jack woke up happy and stayed happy all day. Emily came down at 10:00 so I could take Jewel's filly to the vet for her coggins test and Indy's filly for her microchip. That went well except when I opened the door to the vet's office a big ewe came right in with me. She must have been a bottle fed baby and just wanted to be with people. There is something right about a ewe walking into the vet's office.
As it was cold and I had grandchildren the outside work was done quickly and a few things skipped. Easter Lilly did not get teased. I'll have to do that tomorrow. Karin worked with her on Sunday and she is not at all ready for the vaulting kids, she will need to be retrained as that is quite different than the therapy work she was doing.
Addyson and Jack are now in bed and I'm heading there soon.
And now to make everyone here in the cold midwest dissatisfied with our lot in life. Rachel posted the picture below stating: This is how all Mondays should be..
Not a cloud in the ski and a nearly empty beach. Jessica may not be there but her Princess is sure enjoying her stay. Princess Leia is enjoying digging in the sand.

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