Sunday, November 6, 2016

Serenity Sold

Sheena's colt was checked as soon as it was light enough out to see but the news was not good. He is still lame on his right front and there is a swelling on the inside of the leg up near his body. I'll call the vet tomorrow morning to see if we can get him in to get it checked.
Today was our day to pick up Nancy and while Mark was driving to Morton, IL a text came in from the lady that took Serenity on a trial. She is going to buy her. That is always a nice start to a day.

Serenity is a 10 year old Raven daughter and she is going to a place that we feel is a very comfortable fit for her. We had another great day at church, Craig Stickling had the morning service and Tim Funk the afternoon. After church Karin and Nolan took Eliza and Jenis out for a trail ride. Nolan had along a passenger.

Ariatta got to go for a little while then came in to visit Darcy and Emma, while Karin and Nolan took the horses down on the 'death trails'. As they were going by the cabin field a terrible ruckus happened in that field. Ebby and Cocoa were fighting a big fat ground hog. Ebby was viciously attacking the poor thing. The ground hog was holding his own until Zero arrived and killed it.
After the ride we met over at mom's for a steak dinner. Karin picked up T bone steaks at County Market and grilled them for us. Nolan may have been a bit shocked how the Meister girls eat steak. He sent a text to Sarah with this picture: 
None of us would make a good vegetarian. After supper mom and I took Nancy home then went to the fellowship hall for hymn sing. The little ones sang us some of their Sunday school songs.
Diane sent a few pictures of the destruction going on her condo in the kitchen down in Gulf Shores, AL:

OH BOY and I thought my family was messy! She, Mike and Tim are destroying the old and by the time they are finished this condo is going to have a very open floor plan with a new kitchen and all brand new appliances. The stores down there right now are already having their black Friday sales which Diane was able to take advantage of buying a new stove, fridge, dish washer, washer and dryer at a big discount. With the time change it feels like it is WAY past our bedtime. Good Night All!

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