Sunday, November 13, 2016

Preparing For Surgery

We awoke to another beautiful Sunday. The air was crisp but a promise of sunshine to melt the frost. The dinner was put together in the crock pot before breakfast was cooked.
Church was a blessing, David Obgerfel spoke in the morning and Craig Stickling this afternoon. Both sermons were inspired both will need to be listened to again later.
After church Sarah and Nolan brought the new puppies over. Braelyn got to come with them and was thrilled to play with the puppies.

 When Ben and Taunya arrived with their children they were quick to claim a puppy. Below is Addyson with the little black pup.
 Braelyn joined her and they switched puppies so Taegan could play with the white puppy.
 Jace wanted a puppy too, thankfully Sarah and Nolan also brought along Arrietta, their puppy that is not for sale.
 Arietta is Jace's favorite puppy. 

 We all migrated over to Phil and Anna's house for dinner tonight. All were there except Rhoda and Lee who had committed to serve at their church this evening.

 When we got home from the dinner the pictures were downloaded onto the computer which took an hour and a half. I think there is something wrong with the computer. While they were downloading I backed the trailer into the indoor arena for easy loading tomorrow morning then drove the golf cart out into the field to look for Ribbon and her colt. They needed to be stalled tonight to prepare her for surgery tomorrow morning. The moon was so full and so bright it was easy to find the horses in the dark.
The rest of the puppy pictures will be posted tomorrow so stay tuned. We will also hopefully have a good update on Ribbon.

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