Monday, November 7, 2016

Vet Appointment

Now that we have daylight early again, the breakfast feeding can be started again. While feeding Mike Rieker called to report he had the exact truck tires I needed. Today would have been a good day to get the tires put on but the truck had some problems that needed to be fixed before taking it anywhere. When the truck was put in park sometimes it really wasn't and when the driver (mostly me) jumped out, the truck would keep going forward. I hate to say how many times that happened to me but more than I want to admit to. I really need to learn to slow down. I told Mike I would for sure get the truck in this week to East Peoria Tire and Vulcanizing to get the tires put on.  The horses were all glad to see breakfast early. Sheena's colt was checked and he is much much better but I still needed Dr. Hoerr to make sure there was no permanent damage done to him. The only problem with that was Dr. Hoerr was pretty booked. Chris said I could bring him in to the clinic if I could get him there by 10:30 am but I had an appointment at 8:30 am to take the truck to Frenches to get fixed. When that was dropped off Alex felt there was no way to get it done by 10:00 am. Thankfully Emma from Hoerr Vet clinic called right after that to say Dr. Hoerr would come here around 2:00 pm.
The check for Serenity was deposited while in town then drove to Berean to print off the Bible labels David Beutel entered on Wednesday. The truck wasn't finished when yet when I got back.
The application came today for the 2017 IL Horse Fair. The paper work was filled out, the check made out for the entry fee for the vaulters and the Friesians then mailed today. Since that was done the hotel was called to make the reservations. Tina the receptionist knew exactly who I was when I told her we want to book for the Horsemeister Reunion again. She told me she had her picture taken with Jack Sparrow when we were there last year. She was very pleased the Horsemeister Pirates will be back. Unfortunately  she could not give us the rate we had last year but she gave me the number to call. That took me to corporate where I spoke to a nice lady named Karen who is going to do her best to get that rate and will get back with me. I know this is 4 months away but the hotels book up quickly and this is the only hotel in the area that feeds breakfast, dinner, has a hot tub and an indoor pool.
Mark got home early to work with Spark on the skid steer.

We have to get it fixed before the snow falls. This is the machine that does all the plowing. Dr. Hoerr arrived right at the same time. He checked out Sheena's colt first and found a small scrape where the leg is a little swollen but felt that it was not at all serious. Tomorrow I need to pick up a tetanus shot for him just as a precaution. The colt was taken to the round pen and easily went into a trot and canter. He is favoring the leg slightly.
Next up was Rosalie. She was covered on Saturday but not even teased today. She had a huge 62 mm follicle which should be ready to ovulate in a couple days. We covered her this afternoon and will cover her again tomorrow evening.

If she is out by Wednesday I'll probably haul her to Middle Grove for a month. It would be so good for her filly to have some time out there with the other mares and foals.
Frenches got the truck fixed so Mark and I went to pick it up. The bill for this job was only $35.00. I was so relieved. I can afford that!
The owner of Ayanna's 2014 filly sent this:
 She is smart she remembers where are last lesson was and we build from there she is much loved as you can see. You are smart and responsible breeders that breed for not just for beauty but for brains and a willing attitude Thank you
What a wonderful comment! Thanks Tony

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