Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Election Day

This was the most disappointing election day in my history and probably most of the Christians in America feel the same way. Yes I voted but after walking out of the booth there was no joy, no hopeful anticipation on electing a new president. The choices were either bad or awful. Mark and I left just after 6:00 am to drive to the polling place and when we arrived about 6:10 am there was a line of people waiting. It took about an hour to get our votes cast and get back home.
At least today was Berean day. To read about our day there click HERE.
Right after finishing there for the day I drove to Morton, IL to Hoerr Vet clinic to pick up a tetanus shot for Capricho arriving home after 3:00 pm. He stood perfect for the shot, in fact he didn't even notice he got one. He was busy chowing down his grain. With the time change it was already getting dark by the time the horses were fed and Rosalie teased and covered. She showed but nothing like yesterday and was impatient with Evan so tomorrow she can go to Middle Grove.
Karin is going to meet me there to help with the de-worming. Yesterday she was counting up the horses writing them all down and thought there were 20 out there. She arrived with the bag of de-wormers (we are using Safeguard this rotation) to find there are 27 horses out there. She had to laugh as she realized, how many she forgot were there. She got 20 done but needed a foal halter for the 2 foals out there and a draft halter for Whitney. Hadassah ran from her and didn't get de-wormed along with 3 others.

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