Saturday, November 19, 2016

The Puppies are SOLD!

Both of the puppies are now sold. The darling little black 9 week old puppy,
And the cute mostly white puppy too:
The grandkids are going to miss them. There is nothing as sweet as playing with a puppy.

Most of the family is gone around here which wouldn't be a problem except today we had a problem. I'm not sure how this happened but Mark came running in to say I had a problem with the horses, he thought a mare was in with one of the stallions. He was WRONG! It was Valiant in with Evan and the fight must have been terrible. Evan was standing like a whipped puppy while Valiant was strutting around the paddock like the king he is. The chain, cane and lead rope were grabbed, Mark held the gate while I grabbed Valiant. He came quietly enough and didn't seem to be that beat up although he was bleeding from the little spots all over. His gate had been slammed open so hard the steel ring had bent. Valiant was not the horse I was worried about so he was put in his paddock and Mark worked on fixing his gate by using a strong chain and a bolt. That gate won't be opened very easily even for me. Hopefully I never had to take Valiant out that gate. Evan was in trouble. He has bite marks and kicks all over and was covered in mud from head to toe. He led out ok, didn't seem to be lame but was very depressed. He was tied up and the propane water heater brought out so he could be given a bath and checked over thoroughly. He doesn't seem to have any life threatening injury's but is obviously shook up. Once he was cleaned up he was brought into a stall, given a couple grams of bute (a pain reliever) and blanketed. He was given hay then left while Mark and I worked on repairing all the damage Valiant did to Evan's paddock. We had broken boards and the electric fence to repair. As long as Mark had all the tools out we put the board up the weanlings knocked down and moved Titan and Jewel's filly in with Angelica and Adara. 
Later this afternoon Evan was checked on. He was dry from the bath so his blanket was removed. He had emptied one of his water buckets. I was glad to see he drank.  He was given a scoop of grain and again I was pleased to see he went right to work eating it. Both water buckets were cleaned and filled again. I am a little concerned with the swelling on his neck but he seems to be eating and drinking ok so hopefully it is just a big bruise.  The weather was awful, cold and extremely windy so we know no one was out riding, no mares were taken in front of Valiant to cause him to slam into the gate. It is a mystery why this happened. Evan will be given 2 more grams of bute tonight. Hope he feels well enough to be put back out tomorrow. 

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