Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Easter Lilly is IN

Addyson and Jack woke up happy again. As I left to head out to feed both were told, "I'm going out to feed, if you have any problem just open the door and yell and I come right back."  After feeding, breakfast was cooked and we settled down to play.   Emily came back from taking care of Sarah Reinhard's menagerie (Joan, Sarah and Hannah are in Haiti) and Easter Lilly needed to be teased and covered so again I told Addyson and Jack that I was heading outside. Jack pipes up, "I know what to do, just open the door and yell." Smart kid! We brought Easter Lilly out and didn't even get to the stand before she was showing. For a maiden mare she stood for Valiant like a pro. Since it is so late in the year and we will not have any more mares to cover the decision was made to let Easter Lilly be Valiant's companion. She was turned out first into the field then Valiant was brought in and let loose. He was so thrilled to have his own mare again.
Easter Lilly was so thrilled to be in the field she jumped for joy before taking off at a gallop. This is a heavy 16.3 hand draft mare and we were amazed at how high she gets off the ground. 
Emily and I stood there gawking at her movement as it was so unexpected.
 Notice in the picture below how all 4 hooves are off the ground. 
A foal out of Easter Lilly by Valiant is going to be tall and have amazing movement and of course as it will be a Valiant baby it will be so very sweet. Valiant is such a King around here. 
The 2 horses had a ball galloping around the field. 
Eliza was watching the race. She is looking so much better and has gained almost all of her weight back. She obviously wasn't too impressed with the show.
Joan posted the picture below of her with some of her Haiti 'sons' and writes: I was laughing so hard because of the sunglasses. I told them it looks like these sons of mine are a gang!!
Sarah, Joan's daughter posted the rest of these pictures. Haiti is a disaster since the hurricane.

Diane sent the pictures below of her townhome in Gulf Shores. The place looks like a disaster:
Above is the kitchen and below is the living room. 

Diane is taking this week to remodel. She is opening up the kitchen to make it spacious and usable. She will need to post updated pictures after it is done. 
Rachel sent the picture below:
They are having very nice weather there unlike us here. Tonight it is raining a cold rain, splashing down in big cold drops.
At noon today Addyson and Jack were taken to Sarah and Nolan's house. They left for Dallas, TX shortly after the kids were dropped off. I had to drive to Eureka hospital for the dermatologist appointment to have my cheek looked at. I thought this was just for evaluation but instead the can of liquid nitrogen was brought out and sprayed all over my face. I guess there were a lot of areas that needed treatment. At first the person doing the spraying says, "this is going to sting" the next sentence is, "this is going to burn" and the last statement was, "your face is going to feel as if it is on fire." It did. Oh well it is certainly better than getting skin cancer. 

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