Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Tire Gift

Mark woke me at 3:00 am with the question, "would you believe me if I told you Hillary conceded and Trump won?" I answered pretty quickly, "nope!" and then Mark responded, "It's true, and the media is furious." Of course that meant no more sleep for me last night. At 4:00 am the coffee pot was started and the internet searched to see if it was really true. You see last night when I went to bed Hillary was projected to win by 89%.
Mom actually stayed up to watch the election results and got so excited around 10:45 pm that she called Diane, who was sound asleep. Diane saw that it was mom calling and dread filled her heart and mind sure that if mom was calling that late she must be in trouble. Imagine her surprise to find not only was mom fine, Hillary lost.
On the walk this morning the election was pretty much all that was discussed that is until we came to Diane's lane and saw Ebby and Cocoa fighting over an old decayed deer skull. Diane picked it up to throw it in the dumpster.
Who knows where the dogs dug this up from. Right after the walk I took the truck in to Riekers for new (to me) tires. Mike Rieker had called to tell me they got in a used set of 4 that were only used about 25% and they would fit my truck. Sight unseen I immediately made the decision YES I would take them all. The truck was taken into the bay and the tires put on and still I had not seen the tires. The tires were paid for then out I walked to where the truck was waiting and was shocked.  These tires looked brand new and were gorgeous, they still had the little nubs on the sides. I so wanted to take a picture of them before driving home and getting them dirty but thought that might look a little cheesy. Driving home I came to a stop light and a lady in a white car pulled up right beside me. Out of the corner of my eye I see her turn to look and of course I'm just sure she is admiring the new tires. About that moment I realized I was probably just a little TOO proud. Oh man it's hard to be humble when driving around with 4 new tires. Now in-case you think I'm exaggerating, Rhoda was here when I got back to the farm. She took one look at the truck and exclaimed, WOW did you lift the truck?
 Nope, it's just the tires, take a look at these beauties. 

That isn't the end of this tire story. Emily pulled up as we were taking Rosalie out to Middle Grove and without us saying a word, Exclaimed, "YOU got NEW TIRES!" These will work in snow and mud. Even though this truck has 4 wheel drive I've been stuck too many times to count. Regular road tires just don't work well on a farm. A big thank you to the made all of us girls out here so happy.
Before we loaded up Rosalie, Rhoda wanted to work her one more time. She was taken to the round pen and worked with Karin's Klapper.
 Rosalie was allowed to rest in the middle with the Klapper clapping. Rhoda would canter her then bring her in to the middle where I was clapping.

 We ended the session with Rhoda clapping the Klapper while sitting on a very relaxed Rosalie.
Rosalie's filly had been left in the field with Ribbon and her colt. So Rhoda rode Rosalie out into the field to bring the filly back for loading. The foals were playing together.
 Titan, Ribbon's colt, was having a ball with Ruby, He would chase her, then turn around and run and Ruby would run after him. I took a few pictures for his owner which will be emailed as soon as this is finished.

 Titan didn't want to see Abigail leave and tried to follow her right out the gate. Rosalie and Abigail were loaded easily. This filly just jumped right in the trailer. I think this is her first time to be loaded since I brought her home as a newborn.
We drove in to Middle Grove and let them out. I took a bunch of pictures which will need to be downloaded tomorrow. But I took this short video:
That is Jewel's filly and Marika's colt grooming each other.
We kind of ran out of time and had to push it to make it to church on time.
Craig Stickling had the service.

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  1. Margie Leazenby here... Wow, great tires! And that's quite a herd you have there. I was wondering if Sunny was ever in that gorgeous field when you had him?