Friday, November 4, 2016

Bath Time in NOVEMBER!

Rhoda arrived this morning and after playing with the dogs was put right to work. Of course she needed a few pictures of the dogs first.

 The owner of Capricho (Sheena's colt by Valiant) and Caspian (Ayanna's colt by Evan) wanted updated pictures of his colts before he comes on Wednesday to pick them up. We had that huge storm come through that dumped over an inch of rain in just a few minutes then about a half inch of hail. The paddocks were muddy and so were the boys. Since this 4th day of November was like a day in September, that is warm and sunny, we decided to just bathe the boys.
 Capricho was so funny, he loved the water and kept trying to drink out of the hose.

After they were reasonably clean we took them over to graze a bit before taking any pictures. Capricho was taken into the round pen and Caspian into the outdoor arena.

This colt reminds us so much of his sire Evan. Below are a few pictures taken for their owner. Below is Capricho

Below is Caspian

Next we gave each colt a loading lesson. That was video taped.

Once these two colts were put away Rhoda pulled out Rosalie. She was worked a bit in the round pen then teased and covered by Evan. We were so happy that she finally showed and accepted him quietly. Emily arrived just as we were finishing up so she tacked up Jenis, Rhoda tacked up Rosalie and they decided to go on the trails. This was Rosalie's second time ever on the trails but this time she was asked to go without her filly. The filly was more than content to stay with Ribbon and her colt. They were followed on this trail ride by two tiny pups, The Princess Leia and Ruby.
 They went down the cabin trail while I headed over to the dam trail but stopped at mom's to take the 2 pictures below of Tara's girls riding their bikes.

 The lake is full from the recent rains and the overflow was running.

 All was going well on this trail ride until...
 The creek crossing. The horses crossed just fine, it was the dogs that had trouble.
 The Princess stood at the bank and whined, there was no way she was going to get wet.
 Ruby jumped right in and swam across, there was no way she was going to be left behind.
 Emily had to take Jenis back over the creek and give the Princess a ride over.

 This trail ride took over an hour. Another red tailed hawk was circling the field looking for mice,
 until it got chased off by a huge jet flying so low I could easily read the Allegiant name.
It was really hard to remember this is November. The flowers are still blooming and the butterflies are still out.

 Rhonda was out also giving 4 wheeler rides to Tara's girls.
 Rhoda and Emily worked both mares in the field before continuing their ride.

 The dogs were able to finish the long ride and still had energy to run up the hill in front of the horses.
 Emily is riding Jenis who is 16.1 hands tall, Rhoda is riding young Rosalie (3 months from turning 4 years old) she is just huge and isn't done growing.
Rosalie is out of Lily by Raven and when she is finished growing will probably be our tallest Friesian mare. We are so very glad we kept her.
This evening we met another couple for dinner at Red Lobster. The food was good and the company great. 

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