Friday, November 11, 2016

Grandma Day

Today was the last sister day before Ben and Taunya move to Dallas. This meant Braelyn, Taegan, Kensley, Israel and Jace got to come spend the day with grandma. Grandma Gertie came over to and we had a beautiful day to play outside. We started the morning off by climbing on the golf cart for a long ride first looking for alligators and then bears. Sadly we didn't see any.
We made our way over to the playground and after jumping on the trampoline and playing on the equipment they found lots of wonderful hedgeballs to play with. 
 Sticks were the next toy found. 
 After an hour or so we loaded back up on the golf cart and went over to play in the outdoor arena. As we drove past the manure pile Braelyn spied something beautiful and after we stopped she ran back to that pile and brought back beautiful flowers someone had thrown out.
 She carried these flowers around most of the day and they are now sitting on my dining room table in a vase. Below Israel is admiring Jenis and feeding her grass.

 Jace climbed to the top of the round pen. Who needs monkey bars when there are panels to climb.

 Our next stop was to play on the round bales in the indoor arena. 

 From there we played on the gravel pile. 
 Then in the driveway.
 Below Jace is just sure he saw a frog jump under the grass. Braelyn is searching for the frog. 
 Israel found grandpa's helmet.
 Braelyn brought down wrapping paper and while Kensley was taking her nap Braelyn would wrap up presents and present them to the other 3. 
 We all settled down for a rest around 2:00 pm. 
If you would like to see the rest of the pictures click HERE. We really did have fun today. A special thanks to grandma Gertie. It helps to have 2 grandma's when playing with 5 active grandchildren. 
The man buying Sangria's filly will be here around 9:00 am tomorrow morning. I'll need to get out to the barn early enough to give her a good groom. 

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