Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Titan's Trial

Last night Titan was moved out of Rosalie's stall and into the stall across the hall. Each time he would get close to Rosalie, Abigail, Rosalie's filly would threaten to kick and did kick. I hung the bucket of milk up, made sure there was a lot of grain and water then headed for bed. This morning about half the milk was gone, the water bucket dumped and some of the grain gone. Rosalie and her filly were put outside and Jewel's filly brought inside. Jewel was put in the paddock next to Evan's to make sure she wouldn't try to jump out of the field. Jewel's filly is old enough to wean and will be leaving here in about 3 weeks. When Emily got home this afternoon, Jewel's filly and Indy's filly were taken out to the round pen, given hay, grain and a water tank and then Jewel was brought inside and stalled with Titan. She is such a kind mare but not sure she wanted him to nurse and would swish her tail if he got near her udder. She stood still while Emily milked her getting quite a bit in the bucket but Titan just wouldn't drink out of the bucket. We watched them most of the day, they are content to be in the stall together eating together but he has not tried to nurse off of her. Every once in a while Jewel will call for her filly and the filly will call back but that is getting less and less. I feel comfortable enough to leave Titan and Jewel in the same stall for the night. Praying that Jewel will adopt him and he will start to nurse before her milk dries up. This morning I drove the mail and meal out to Berean then over to Pekin to pick up mare milk replacer and a few groceries. If we cannot get Titan to nurse the powder can be sprinkled on his grain and will give him the nutrients he needs to thrive.
The chimney sweep came today to get a bird's nest out of the apartment stove pipe. Emily had a fire going strong this evening. It looked so good that we built one too and enjoyed a warm cup of tea by the fire before bed tonight.

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    Has saved my orphans multiple times. Their milk replacer is great too. But for bigger babies, the pellets are easier to deal with and much more stable.