Monday, November 28, 2016

Jewel's Filly Leaves For Texas

Today was busy. Right after the foals were fed the car was driven to Meister's and 4 boxes of copy paper loaded up for Berean. Stephanie met me there with Israel and Elisabet. She had a meeting at Methodist so these two grandkids were taken back to the farm. Now it wasn't exactly a fun day outside for Israel. Lighting was flashing, thunder was rumbling and then came the sound of hail hitting the metal roof on the barns. The monitor was on so we could watch the 2 colts in the stall but the noise level was so high with the hail we had to turn off the sound. We opened the patio door to let some of the ice come in the house. Israel wanted to keep it to show his mom, not quite realizing it was going to melt. After the storm I ran outside and scooped up a handful to put in the freezer to show Stephanie when she arrived to pick up the kids. Israel couldn't wait to show her.
Right after they were picked up I had to leave for my dentist appointment in Pekin. I'm ashamed to say it has been a few years since I was at the dentist. There is a reason for that. It was a rule that people with artificial joints need to take a high dose of antibiotic before any dental work. I don't like to take any medicine so kept putting it off. Diane's new dentist told her it was no longer necessary and that's good enough for me. They found a cavity so I have to go back on Wednesday afternoon to get that filled. The shipper called as I was walking into the dentist office at 11:00 am that he would be here around 4:00 pm to pick up Jewel's filly. After getting my teeth checked and all polished up shiny I ran to Big R to pick up 14 bags of grain then Aldi for groceries. It was still raining when I bought the grain, raining when the grain was unloaded and raining when the groceries were brought inside. Jewel's filly was put in a stall to dry off. The shipper arrived around 3:40, the filly loaded up like a pro and she was on her way.
This evening was spent cooking and baking for tomorrow's meal at Berean. Mark always enjoys sampling my creations.
Now for an email that came in and MUST be shared:
Dear Judy,
I have to say as an experienced horse person and having been around many MANY Friesians, yours are pretty spectacular. To be honest,  I've always been a fan of the Percheron (I've owned Windermere mares) and never have really been too fond of the friesian. I always found them to be rather lazy and shorter than my desire. But yours...... wow. And I don't say that lightly... but WOW. 
I'm very VERY interested in purchasing a riding horse from you, the bigger and wider the better (I have balance issues and find I have much better balance on a WIDE back rather than a thoroughbred build). 
If you have two for sale (one of which would need to be beginner/husband safe) let's talk two.... possibly one of your 2016 foals as well depending on my daughters interest in halter showing and riding. The idea (if she is interested) of her raising and growing with a foal would be fantastic. They can grow up together and then the bond would truly be one that would be unbreakable. 
I loved as well that you trained your horses in dressage and use them in true dressage, that is to say in medieval movements. Dressage was originally meant  as a combat training and seeing it used in medieval shows is wonderful! I would plan on using it in shows but also because of my unique situation could be life saving. Where we are and where we go can sometimes be easy... but weather it's riding in the mountains or riding downtown for coffee it can sometimes be interrupted by a coyote or a bear and teaching a horse those moves can actually save your life if used properly. Fake medieval fighting can usually scare off the wild beasts where other horses will just run which will entice the wild beasts. If I purchase horses from you will they come with a few lessons in how to make them do these beautiful movements and how to ride them? I'm a pretty basic English rider (w/t/c/ jump). 
I'm truly looking for our FOREVER horses] but I must say after seeing your horses move and pictures I was emotionally moved. Their presence is overwhelming. Im a ride every day while my kids in school, type of person. An all winter and all seasons except rain type of rider.... are these those types of horses? Would they like that?? What's their mileage like? Could I put 20 miles on them a day? 10 or 15? Hopefully at least 10 because if the hounds don't get 10 a day they're high strung at home and I'm getting tired of footing it so I would love to ride it lol. 
Would you be willing to do a price deal on more than 1? 
How does it work, do I come there and you ride them and show me the horses or am I allowed to interact or try out the ones I'm interested in? Can the foals be ponied with the mares? Do you by chance have any geldings? I also saw a Percheron who looked remarkably like a shire (she was spectacular) with all her feathering.... what's she like? 
I'm used to very big horses (18+h Percherons and 17+h thoroughbreds and Spanish Normans), I have found that my balance affects them much less so I'm still ok if we jump and I'm off balance. I have seen some friesians that have beautiful wide, apple butts, and some that look like dainty thoroughbreds. Is there a way to know which one a foal will become? Are your horses for only very experienced well trained riders? I have no classical training.... I'm ok at posting but I grew up running around on 19h foxhunters so I've learned to hold on and just trust the horse with most things... that's kind of what I need- a best friend.  
I just realized this email is going on and on... I apologize, this is such a huge purchase for us... and I have so many questions. Thank you for taking the time to read through all this muck and I would appreciate any thoughts you may have. You really have special horses....... just wow.

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