Saturday, November 26, 2016

Sunny Saturday

The morning started with a lot of fog, so much that it was almost spooky outside with gray mists and icy grass. After breakfast Karin worked Marika's colt in the arena. He is so smart he learned very quickly to turn and face her. He is such a sweet colt who already stands well for haltering and is leading pretty well. I took a few pictures and a video to update the website now that he is weaned.

Next out was Titan, Ribbon's orphaned colt. He has been depressed these last couple days so has been inside. He still isn't back to how he was before Ribbon died but is getting better. At least he ran around a bit today.

Last Karin brought out Easter Lilly. This was the 3rd day in a row she worked with her and each day Karin has seen improvement. Yesterday when Karin was riding, Easter Lilly would not go forward and bucked when Karin asked. Today she did one little hop but this training session was much better with Easter Lilly going forward when asked.

Easter Lilly is still in season so was covered by Valiant then put back in the paddock. We decided not to take her to Middle Grove until we know she is out.
The sun finally burned off the fog and it was perfect weather to work outside. Mark walked around checking fences and had to fix a few. We got the log splitter off and the road grader on the tractor so he could grade our driveways. Next came cleaning out the garage. Winter will be here soon and the car needs to be kept in the garage. Mark's golf cart was taken up to the barn, the parts cart loaded onto the skid steer and parked outside. Ralph and Jamie are going to take that home. My golf cart is now stored in the right side of the garage leaving the left side for the car. Mark will need to park his car up in the barn. Later the stock trailer was cleaned out so Mark and I could take it to Sam's club to pick up our new couch. We got to Sam's just before dark and the 2 of us got the couch loaded into the horse trailer but there was no way the 2 of us could get it out. Luckily Phil, Anna, and Anna's brother Ash came over to help unload it. We put it together and of course had to try it out. This couch is pretty snazzy, it has recliners on either end and an outlet to plug stuff in plus a couple of UBS ports hidden in one of the arms. It is made of a very good quality leather so should outlast the 2 of us. Best of all I have a place to lay down for a nap next to the wood burner. Life is GOOD!
The vacationers are all coming home and sent this last picture:

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