Thursday, November 10, 2016

Laying Hens For Sale

The man mom buys her farm fresh eggs from needs to sell his laying hens. He has 30 Rhode Island Reds that are 1 and 2 year old layers for just $6.00 each AND if you buy them all he will throw in the rooster for FREE. These hens are owned and loved by a man named Monroe. They are beautiful and well cared for. If anyone has ever thought of raising your own farm fresh eggs these hens are already laying well.
Rhode Island Red's always lay brown eggs. They are a very popular hen to keep as they are one of the better breeds for egg production.  A Rhode Island Red Hen will lay approximately 312 eggs her first laying season and 223 the second so these hens of Monroe's are really in their prime. This breed is considered a utility bird as they are raised for both their meat and their eggs. They also make wonderful show birds. They are a popular choice for the backyard breeder because of her egg laying ability and hardiness.  If interested in buying these hens please call Monroe direct: 309-265-2856 they are located on Smithville Rd, not too far from the water tower. Monroe can give you directions. 
We had a good day today at the Berean office. Only 5 other volunteers showed up but these 5 got the work all done by 11:00 am. After the Bibles were dropped off at the Bartonville post office I headed home. We had another sunny relatively warm day, perfect for cleaning out Valiant's shelter and giving him a new round bale. Valiant was locked out of his paddock while that was done. Emily got home in time to help. Evan's shelter also got a new bale. Eliza and Jenis were brought in to grain while we were working on the bales. Ribbon was not happy that they came in without her but soon settled down to graze. Ribbon has her surgery scheduled for Monday morning and more than likely will need to be stalled a long time while that bone heals. We will need to flip a bale for that. 

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