Friday, November 25, 2016

Our Thanksgiving

This post is being written a day late as we stayed up WAY too late visiting with family.
We are blessed! Having our church doors open on Thanksgiving to be able to go and thank God on Thanksgiving, sit under the sound of His Word, sing His praises all with fellow believers is about the best way ever to start Thanksgiving morning.
Right after church though it is always a rush to get the last minute foods prepared and hot for our main meal at 1:00 pm.
Our meal was almost as good as the fellowship of the day. No one was in a hurry to leave the table. Later Chad took his daughters over to see the horses and pet Titan. Chad and Julie have one daughter named Emma that is animal crazy. Emma kept asking if we could go over to see the horses so I was glad when Chad offered to take them. When they got back to mom's Emma and her sister Livy were having a good time playing with Studly, Ebby and Miss Molly when I mentioned that we have a dog named Emma that couldn't be here. Karin piped in with, "Emma, that's who you were named for." (not true) of course that meant Emma and her sister Livy had to come see our Emma and Darcy. They were a little shocked at how big the dogs were but were brave enough to give them treats and ask both dogs to do their tricks. Since none of my grand children were here I was thankful to have 3 of Beth's here.
Karin pulled Easter Lilly out and worked her a short time but by that time it was too dark to get any good pictures. The session went well.
After the little ones left we brought out the Mexican train game and spent the evening laughing and playing. We all went to be with very grateful and thankful hearts. What a great God we serve.

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