Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day

We had a wonderful day today and it wasn't just that it was Mother's day. Church was awesome and again not just because it was Mother's day although we heard quite a bit over the pulpit of mothers today. Dave Obgerfel had the morning service and Ken Hoerr had the afternoon.
After church the mares were teased. Star is now out but Zalena was showing. Zalena was covered by Evan and Lola covered by Valiant. Mara (the outside Friesian mare) let Evan sniff her but didn't seem to show. She is a maiden mare and I had no one to hold her so I could lift the tail to check. Hopefully I can have help tomorrow. Rhoda, Lee, Taunya, Addyson, Jack, Jace, Phil, Anna, Braelyn, Taegan and Kensley all came over for dinner. We took a golf cart ride over to see the turtles and frogs before dinner and ended up at mom's house where Addyson and Jack both caught a fish before going inside to see Molly's puppies.
After dinner we all went back to the playground for the usual volley ball. Below are a few pictures of the evening.

 Ruth got cold and went shopping for something warm on mom's front porch. She came back wearing a warm night gown and we all had to laugh. 
 Braelyn wanted to drive but just about took out Denny who was sitting in a chair near the fire, check out Addyson's reaction. 
 Berlica was a little better at driving. 
 Taegan was happy both sets of grandparents were here. 
 Faith was glad for a comfortable chair and Karin didn't seem to mind.
The fire was perfect for somemores plus the weather was chilly enough it felt great.
The volleyball games went on even after the sun went down. The players were thankful the lights work. It was hard to leave the fire. The evening was just perfect. We finally dragged ourselves away, got home and the rain started up. Perfect timing.

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