Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Busy Boys

The big news today was sunshine! After 4 days of heavy cloud cover and rain that bright shiny ball in the sky was most welcome. Diane, mom, Emily and I walked. Joan took her kids garage saling, Ruth and Rachel had to work. I needed to leave early so Emily teased the mares today. Lily and Ayanna were both still in. Lily was covered by Valiant and Ayanna by Evan. Right now, besides Lily and Ayanna there are a 5 mares here that need to be teased and bred. The boys are going to be busy for a while.
We had a good group at the Berean office. We weren't able to finish as there was so much mail but what was left we should easily be able to finish tomorrow. If you would like to read about our morning click HERE.
When I got home the weather was so nice that Indy and Soul were taken out to the field with their fillies.
Above and below are Indy and her filly by Evan. The 3 day old filly had a ball galloping around her mom.
 Soul decided she and her 1 day old filly by Valiant  would stay far away from Indy and ran to the back of the field. 

This filly too enjoyed trying out those long legs galloping around. 
Both fillies were very good about staying with and following their dams. If the weather is nice tomorrow they will be moved to the cabin field.  Eliza, who is currently in the nursery paddock will get a new companion, Sheena, who is currently in the cabin field but needs to come here to deliver. In the picture below she was watching Indy's filly playing.
Eliza's udder is filling up  and even though she is due May 30th she usually delivers early. In 2014 she went 2 weeks early and last year 11 days early. I may start stalling her at night and putting her in a field during the day. 
The 2 new foals were worked with then Mark needed a little help pulling wire tonight. 

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