Monday, May 16, 2016

Sold Sold Sold

Anna dropped off the girls who were thrilled to play in the new tent castle. A bit later Rhoda came  to help groom Winston and Whistler. She and Emily were hired to haul these two stud colts to their new home in St Clair, MO.

They had an uneventful trip, exactly what I hoped for. Rhoda and Emily used the driving time to discuss which horses we should sell to downsize. The problem is there are getting to be too many lifers. In other words we just may have all become attached to the inventory.
Speaking of inventory we will be down one less in 5 months. When Indy was a filly a man named William from Georgia put down a deposit on her then had to tell us the sad news that he would not be able to purchase her. We told him his deposit could be used on a stud fee or a foal from us in the future. Well the future is HERE. He just put a deposit down on Indy's filly.
That makes 3 sold today.
Honey was teased and showed but not strong. Valiant wasn't too interested but got the job done. He usually knows when a mare has gone out and I think Honey had probably ovulated a few hours earlier. Mara is still in strong and stood well for Evan.
Mark and I will be leaving around 5:00 am for St. Louis. Mark is attending a class there for Tuesday and Wednesday and needed a driver. The Berean office will be closed for these next two days because of that.  We will be swamped with mail on Thursday. Consider this an invitation. We would love your willing hands on Thursday at the Wayne Unsicker farm on Radnor Rd. 

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