Thursday, May 5, 2016

Lily, Ayanna, Star and Lola IN

I left for the Berean office after the first round of the walk. I took lots of pictures while at that office, we had new volunteers there, Aunt Bernie came in to help and Dave Beutel came today then when I got home I accidentally deleted ALL of those pictures. For some reason I have a feeling all those volunteers will be happy about that. To read about our morning click HERE.
Emily worked at the farm this morning teasing mares. She called with the report that Ayanna was covered by Evan but Lily, Star and Lola are all in and all needing to be covered by Valiant. She asked, "would it be ok to cover Lily this morning, Lola this evening and Star tomorrow morning?" When I got home Rhoda was here willing to help with pictures. The horses were brought out and given quick baths to remove any dried mud. Zalena and her filly out first. What a show off this filly is.

We let her gallop around the arena then put a halter on her for some up close shots.
Next out was Ayanna and her colt by Evan. This little boy didn't like his bath and kicked catching me in the rear end. He got a smack, then just to make sure he understood that wasn't acceptalbe the hose was put back on him and this time I was prepared, he offered to kick and was smacked right as that leg went up. He won't be trying that anytime soon. By the end of his bath he was standing quietly if not dejected. He perked right up when we took him out to the arena.
 He is another colt that has a huge trot. Notice all 4 hooves well off the ground in the picture above and the picture below. 
I made a short video but by that time he was all done showing off. 
These mares and foals were left out in the field to graze while I went in to work on the pictures and this was the time I accidentally deleted all the pictures from the morning Berean work. I have to figure out how to down load them off the camera card on to the computer first. This new computer doesn't automatically do that which I forgot.
Emily's sister Megan was going to come this afternoon for her 8th grade graduation pictures and wanted to use Eliza in a few so Emily got Eliza out and groomed her up. She hopped on for a few pictures before Megan arrived. 
 When Justin arrived he climbed on board for a short ride, then did his usual job of raking the arena for us.
Megan brought along a couple friends. 

Mark worked on mowing today for hours. Emily helped move a round bale over to the cabin field then we got Lola covered. We had just put her away when Jamie arrived to see her filly Joanna. We haltered her then took her into the arena so Jamie could see her show off and show off she did. I didn't have the camera with me so no new shots of her. 
This was another beautiful day and productive day!

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