Monday, May 2, 2016

Anna Pregnant Mara Here

After our very very busy morning with puppies and foals, Emily and I loaded up Anna, Roxanne and Honey (the outside mare) for our 9:00 am vet appointment. Anna went first in the stocks for the ultrasound. Below she is waiting for Dr. Hoerr while Emily removes some braids from Roxanne's mane.
 We were pleased to see she had settled. Anna was bred to Valiant and is due March 18th, 2017.  We wanted to have Dr. Hoerr ultrasound and check out Roxanne first of all to make sure she has all working parts and then to find out if she is mature enough to breed. The answer was yes to both of those questions.
 We discussed best timing for breeding her and decided late May or early June. These 2 mares were taken out to the trailer but had to run the gantlet of 2 Mr. Tom turkeys. Poor Roxanne was traumatized. She was sure they were dangerous.

 Honey was the last mare sonagrammed today. We wanted to find out if she was close to coming but to our disappointment she had just ovulated. We took home a shot to short cycle her which will be given in 8 days.
Honey was the only mare unloaded when we got to the farm. Emily grabbed a couple Strongid de-wormers to get Anna and Roxanne de-wormed before taking them back to Middle Grove.  I led them into the summer pasture but when I turned around to leave they ran into the winter pasture and up the hill looking for the herd. There is so much good grass out there.
Later this afternoon Raechal arrived with her mare Mara. Mara is a Friesian mare here to be bred to Evan. She was teased but not in. Lily AND Ayanna (mother and daughter) were both in season and both covered today. Lily by Valiant and Ayanna by Evan.
Mark and I worked outside this evening but before  heading in decided to stop in at mom's to see the puppies. Mom mentioned she was expecting Bonnie Bach and her neighbor Ashley to come over to see the puppies too. We waited around to greet them then Mark took off to keep working. I talked Bonnie and Ashley into coming over to see our new babies too. We had a nice evening but this has been a very LONG day and I'm more than ready for bed.

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