Sunday, May 15, 2016

LONG Unexpected DAy

No church for me today although I was able to listen on line to all of the morning service and most of the afternoon service.  It wasn't just the unexpected foaling that kept me home. Right after I came in to get ready for church a text came in from Cathie Trent, the trainer at Bridlewood, with THESE pictures and the message WHAT SHOULD I DO?:

In case you can't tell what you are looking at this is a big water leak, one  of the water lines split and was pouring water out. I was able to reach Tom Meister and even though it was Sunday he and another plumber friend drove all the way in from Farmington to Bridlewood and thankfully were able to fix it. Why oh why do emergencies happen on Sundays?
By the time I got home, Ben and Taunya had arrived with their adorable children Addyson, Jack and Jace. We visited out on the patio then I took the kids up to the barn to see Eliza's new colt. Eliza had not yet delivered the afterbirth and her rear end was facing the stall door. When the door was opened, a shocked Jace exclaims, "that is disgusting!" in his 3 year old voice. Eliza turned around quickly swinging that disgusting looking afterbirth up against her leg, stuck her head out the door and Jack & Jace took off running for the golf cart. Umm, maybe it wasn't the best idea to take them to see the colt.
All of the grand kids arrived with their parents and we had a ball the rest of the afternoon and evening. I'm too tired to download pictures but will do so tomorrow morning. Rhoda sent an update on Rosalie with the message that Rosalie is doing much better, she was relaxed today.

Thanks Rhoda for the pictures. The man coming to see Ayanna's colt cancelled but said he for sure still wants the colt and will paypal the deposit tomorrow. Indy's filly should also be sold, the person buying her said he would get the deposit check out in the mail first thing tomorrow. I won't mark either of these foals sold though until the deposit comes.
Rhoda and Emily are delivering Winston and Whistler tomorrow. Those two will also be marked sold. Things must be looking up.

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