Wednesday, May 11, 2016


We took our time on the walk this morning enjoying the cool damp morning. After the walk Cindy and I worked at Berean entering the Bible requests. There were only 330 of them instead of the 400-500 the last couple weeks. We finished before noon. As soon as I got home the shots were taken out of the fridge for Whistler and Winston to warm up while I changed out of my good tennis shoes into my barn tennis shoes for the next job. Emily was ready to help and both of those boys got their shots without any problem at all. They didn't even flinch. Next on our job list was to give Honey the short cycle shot. She too stood quietly and didn't flinch. This shot caused her to break out in a sweat and will bring her into season. Soul was teased and covered by Valiant then Indy was teased and covered by Evan. Indy may be going out, she showed but not very well. Zalena is still in and will be covered tomorrow morning if she is still showing. Mara was teased be we are getting no reaction at all from her. She lets Evan nuzzle her neck but will not show.
Our final job of the day was to drive to Middle Grove to pick up Whitney and Hadassah. The farrier is coming tomorrow and Whitney is one of the horses that need to be trimmed. Both of these mares are due for an ultrasound Friday. That's if we can get them in, when we called Chris told us to call back tomorrow. We saw the herd up on the hillside as we drove up. That is always a nice surprise, not having to search for them.

 Above is Ripper greeting Emily and below Oksana and Rosaleigh are in front behind them is Roxanne far left, then Anna. 
 Below are Jenis, Bunni and Ella. Jenis and Ella had obviously been rolling in the pond to cool off. 
 Below is Roxanne, she and Anna hang out together. We always like it when a youngster bonds with an older mare. 
  left to right is Whitney, Jewel, Mika and Cookie
 Anna in front of Hadassah.
The ride home was uneventful. We stopped at Bs for a soft serve ice cream cone, which is pretty much tradition for each of our trips to Middle Grove. By the time we get done hiking that property we are hot and Bs ice cream is just too good to pass up.
Mark came home early enough to take the skid steer over to mom's and move some rail road ties before supper.
He drove to church tonight with a full car, taking me, mom, Diane and Ruth. Greg Rumbold had the service. A storm had moved in by the time church was over and Mark got pretty wet running to the car but drove our little car right under the overhang for the rest of us. There is a rumble of thunder but it looks like the rest of the storms are heading around us.

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