Monday, May 2, 2016

Soul Delivers a FILLY!

What a surprise, last night Soul's udder did not seem full enough and there was no waxing then early this morning there is a BIG gorgeous filly by her side. She hasn't yet delivered the placenta and the filly was still wet but up and nursing. So amazing so thankful, we have had 7 healthy foals born so far 6 fillies and 1 colt.

This filly has Valiant's big bones and sweet disposition. She is going to be one HAIRY Warlander. She will either stay bay or go gray but if she does go gray, more than likely she will have the beautiful black thick long mane and tail to go with it. Oh my can you imagine this filly parading down centerline with those looks?  She was bred for dressage and will have the movement and disposition to excel ALL the way up the levels. Best of all she is for sale for ONLY $5000.00 AND she is not at all related to Evan so if you did buy her you just may want to breed her. She could pay for herself with just one foal.

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