Wednesday, May 25, 2016

A Prophet's Thumbprint

A Prophet's Thumbprint: Not that we believe any of this but Jenis actually has this on her neck, I always thought this might be an injury from when she was a foal but now we know what it is and what it is called. Below are a couple pictures of this. 
 Above and Below are random pictures taken off the internet of this birthmark
  A "Prophet's Thumbprint" is a birthmark in the form of an indentation, usually found on the side of a horse’s neck, and it is totally harmless although it comes with a lovely legend...
A prophet was wandering the desert with his herd of horses for many days, and as they approached an oasis he sent them forth to drink. But as the thirsty horses approached the water, he called them back. Only five of his mares stopped and returned to him, and to thank them for their loyalty he blessed them by pressing his thumbprint into their necks.
It’s believed that a horse with such a mark will be outstanding, being a descendant of one of these brood mares that the prophet particularly treasured. 

Jenis IS outstanding!If we were to believe this of any horse it would be Jenis. 
She truly is amazing and rare. Below are pictures from the past both far and near of this most marvelous magnificent mare. 

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