Wednesday, May 18, 2016


Emily sent a text that Jazz was in and covered by Valiant. This will be Jazz's 4th foal by one of our stallions. The picture below is an old one of her and a newborn filly by Raven.
Mara was also teased and covered by Evan today. Honey we are marking as out and will count the days for her. Tomorrow afternoon we have a paint mare coming to be bred but the owner hasn't yet told me which stallion he wants to use on her so we will not cover any mares in the morning. This will be 4 outside mares all here at once.  Both boys are getting quite a workout lately. I'm going to need to move Eliza and Sheena in together in the pond pasture, move a bale in the back pasture and move Soul and Indy over to that pasture to free up a paddock. 
Mark and I made it home by 9:00 pm. The dogs were happy to see us. Emily took care of Eliza so we are going to head to our own comfortable bed soon. Glad to be home. 

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