Sunday, May 29, 2016

Beautiful Day for a Wedding

We had lots of visitors in our Peoria church today as today was Andrea Leuthold's wedding. Ron Kipfer from Bluffton had the morning service and when he was done speaking I was truly humbled. The minister that had the afternoon wedding service had an amazing service. What an awesome God we serve. We had a beautiful day for this wedding, bright sunshine, low humidity and a high of 84 degrees.
After church the weekend fun schedule was going strong but before I could join in Galena needed to be covered by Valiant. I noticed yesterday she was interested but used Valiant on Eliza. Mark helped with Galena as she was a maiden mare.
Praying she settles on this cycle. By the time she was put away a group was already out swimming off mom's beach. The swim suit was thrown on and the afternoon was spent on a raft out on the lake joined by mom and Diane. After an hour or two of bright sunshine mom, Nancy and I took the golf cart around the new trails. Mom had never been on them and we did some exploring in places we probably shouldn't have gone. One of the tires picked up a thorn and was losing air but I didn't know it until the second trip around the trails. Diane, Ruth and Mike ended up walking back while I took the golf cart back to the house. Hopefully I can find the hole and fix the flat tomorrow. Karin picked up 100 pieces of chicken for our dinner tonight. Everyone else threw in the sides and desserts. The food was great. After dinner the volley ball games started up and were very entertaining to watch. The volleys went on and on, each side slamming and the other some how digging it out and over. Karin gave Ava and Faith a bareback lesson on Missy and Cookie in the round pen. I didn't even take the camera out today so Karin snapped the picture below and emailed it.  We love starting the young riders bareback, it really helps them learn to balance. usually though they wear a few more clothes than swim suits.
Ruth and I took Nancy home and by the time we got back the campfire was burning brightly and the bacon waiting to be cooked. We had a beautiful day, bright sunshine, warm but not humid and perfect for the many activities and to think we are going to do it all over again tomorrow.

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