Saturday, May 7, 2016

Annual Work Day for Mom

Each year the Meister Clan gets together to work at mom's house for Mother's day.  We look forward to this fun family activity. Work IS fun when there are many hands all pitching in together. Today didn't start out the best though. Dan had just arrived when all the electricity went out in the entire neighborhood. Then as we were digging up the plants and flowers mom wanted to save it started raining. We just kept right on working and the rain soon stopped. Below are a few pictures of the morning.
 Above Anni and Steven are digging up plants mom wanted to save. Tim is redoing the entire back tearing out all the railroad ties and replacing them with blocks. We will transplant the plants soon. Below Rachel and Jessica are busy weeding. This is done before the mulch is spread.

 Above Abram is adding fuel to the fire. That fire was kept going all day with fallen limbs, yard waste and old picnic tables. Below Tim is using the Yanmar to dig out the railroad ties. 
 Mark used the skid steer with the claw attachment to pick those up and take them to the other burn pile. 
Below the kids are filling the log holder for the fire pit. 
 The rain started back up as the landscape blocks were being carried over to the project. 
 Mom provided pizza for the crew for lunch. When the pizza arrived mom used the dinner bell to call us all in for lunch. 
 As the rain was coming down pretty hard by then with lightning and thunder, picnic tables were brought into the garage for the meal. 
 Below is the burn pile for the railroad ties. That fire was HOT!
We got more done than what was on the list. If interested in seeing the rest of today's pictures click HERE.  The mares were teased today, Ayanna is now out, Lily is out, Lola is still in and was covered by Valiant. We will tease and cover Star tomorrow morning if she is still in. I thought Zalena may be showing but when we took her over to the stallion she let him know emphatically that he'd better not get anywhere near her.  Zalena has the most expressive face when she is mad. Mara, the Friesian outside mare may be coming in. We will tease her hard tomorrow. Emily got Valiant's pasture mowed this morning. We just have to get the pond pasture mowed next week.
Jamie stopped by with a new halter for Joanna. This one should fit for a few months. That filly is growing so fast she has grown out of the newborn halter and the weanling halter.
We are getting more rain right now and this coming week have lots of rain predicted. The fields and pastures are going to be growing. It looks like the hay fields will be ready for harvest soon. I'll let the farmer know to put me on the schedule as soon as we get a good dry spell.  We like to cut the hay early, we don't get as many bales but the horses like it better and it is more nutritious.
A mattress was ordered for the Kiefer built horse trailer today. After reading lots of reviews I ordered a Spa Sensations 6 inch memory foam mattress. The trailer will be used for Memorial weekend for horse camping. If we like this mattress, I'll order another for the other horse trailer.
Rhoda called with an update on Rosalie and this one wasn't a good update. Rosalie bucked her off. What was weird was Rhoda knew it was going to happen and had Lee come with her today. She got the wind knocked out of her but no other damage done. She had just been bragging on Rosalie telling us that she was ready for trails and would be fine for the horse camping trip and then this happened. . Rhoda was half on and half off , when Rosalie started bucking. Lee thinks she should probably never ride again. Like that's going to happen, in the past nothing has kept Rhoda off a horse, not even terrible falls and broken arms, but everything changes when we get old and married. RIGHT?

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