Monday, May 30, 2016

Memorial Day

Even though this today is a holiday work still needed to be done. Eliza was covered early this morning by Valiant.
We started with a big breakfast here for some of the campers but Rachel fed the bulk of the campers at her house and when I say campers I'm using the term loosely. Most of us had houses and beds to sleep in. After breakfast Braelyn and Taegan were taken out to the barn to tack up a couple horses for a riding lesson. When we walked into the barn there was a big black snake right where we would tie up the horses. Of course we had to catch it.

We talked Braelyn into letting her daddy let the snake go in the garden. We finally did get around to the horses but with a big beautiful fascinating snake around it was hard to get their attention back.

 Mike and Karin went out early to start working on the 'death trails' making them safe for the scheduled afternoon trail ride.
 Mark is installing hydrants that are hooked up to the pond behind the barns. We will be able to use pond water to water the arena's when it is all hooked up. Below he is digging the holes for the hydrants.
We were down enjoying the beach when Jessica and Rachel came rowing over. Anni had organized a scavenger hunt and these two were coming over to look for clues.
 Mom was enjoying the fishing until Studley came and scared them all away. 

 The girls were glad to see Molly
 These three had lots of fun on the beach here and the goose ranch today. 
 Noel came over to see the puppies
 Marie brought Justine and Timmy over to swim, Justin raked the arena then worked on cleaning up the moss in the lake. Spark thought he looked like some kind of sea monster. 

 Justin and Timmy
 Below Jenis is waiting to be tacked up for the afternoon trail ride. 
 The other horses used were Mika, Bunni, Sally, Missy and Cookie.

 A bunch of the group went to the Goose Ranch for volley ball and when they came back they couldn't get in the lake fast enough. It was just plain HOT, but the volley ball games were fun. 
 Below Mike is taking a group out on the trails. 
 Company for the puppies

 After supper Frisbee and football were played at the playground
 The trampoline got some good use today. 

 Joan got a bunch of fishing poles at a garage sale. She spent the evening fixing them up for the kids so lots of fishing went on this evening. Joan caught some big crappies tonight but threw them all back. The lake is still recovering for the winter of 2014.
 More visitors for the puppies. 

 Before the sun set I knew that Galena must be covered, Mike was busy so I asked Ruth if she wouldn't mind helping and it was a good thing I had help. Galena would have broken another halter if Ruth hadn't been holding the lead rope. She just got spooked when Valiant went up. Thankfully she listened to Ruth and then stood.  Once that was done we headed back to enjoy the camp fire. Below Sarah and Joan are sitting around the camp fire. 
We had another fun filled LONG day. We will all need to go back to work to rest up.

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