Saturday, May 14, 2016

Not Killian's DAUGHTER

We got a phone call from the Friesian Heritage Horse Registry April is NOT Killian's daughter but Valiant's. But that wasn't all the news, the reason why the dna results took so long to get back is that she has a rare condition, she has the XO chromosome meaning she is infertile. That is so disappointing, we wanted to keep this one. Looking up about this syndrome and this is what is written: The most commonly encountered chromosomal abnormality in horses, XO Gonadal Dysgenesis, was first described 1975. Mares with this disease lack one of the pair of sex chromosomes resulting in a 63,X karyotype. The mare is presented as an infertile female, usually small in size for age and breed, with small, inactive ovaries. The origin of the defect is probably an accident in developement, not an inherited problem. 
We awoke to an overcast cloudy day, but the sun broke through for just a few minutes and those minutes just happened to be the time I was outside working and was able snap a few pictures. 
 Above is looking over at Valiant's pasture and below looking over at the pond pasture. the 2 mares grazing are Eliza and Mara.

Right after that the sun was gone. There IS a silver (or gold) lining behind the clouds. We just have to wait. The prediction for today is no rain and partly cloudy so we will have sunshine!

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