Sunday, May 15, 2016

Eliza Delivers a COLT

I checked Eliza's udder when she came up this morning early for breakfast and there was no waxing and they were not even very filled. The chores were finished and I was heading in to make breakfast when I saw her walk down toward the pond, lay down and start pushing. I grabbed the camera and a lead rope hoping I could catch her before she got too far. It is much easier moving a mare in labor than a mare with a brand new foal by her side.

 She was in some difficulty with one of the foal's hooves out and the other stuck behind the perineum. See the lump in the picture above? 
 When Eliza got up to try to shift the foal I snapped the lead rope on and led her up to the stall, grabbed some straw and put it under her as she started pushing.
 There was one leg that was caught, usually the 2 legs come out before the head but this foal the head arrived at the same time as the 2 legs. I needed to grab one leg and pull it into position then she was able to deliver the foal without a problem. 
 The picture below is what a newborn foal's hooves look like, they are soft fingers that feel like rubber. These protect the mother while the foal is inside and harden just as soon as the foal stands up. 
 This colt is a big beautiful strong fellow, within minutes he was trying to stand. Check out that length of neck. Valiant throws GORGEOUS foals!
 Eliza is a good mother, cleaning her colt off well. 

 Until the colt says, "No MORE Ma!"
 In the picture below you can see why we always try to have the tails wrapped before birth. I had no time to get this accomplished and now will have to wash her tail to get the sticky water, blood,  afterbirth and straw off from the birth. 
Jessica came out to bring some clean towels so without any instructions I handed her the camera and even worse told her the video was off when it really was on so the birth was not recorded but what was recorded is this colt's first steps.

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