Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Lola Out

I had to get out to the barn early this morning with 2 mares in stalls and 2 mare and foal pairs in the indoor. Horses were fed, arena cleaned up and stalls cleaned all before 6:30 am. Mark got his breakfast a little early then the lunch for Berean was finished up before heading out to walk. I only did one round so I could leave early enough to pick up the Berean mail at TEMCO and still get to the office before 9:00 am. There were already volunteers waiting to open the mail. To read about our day there click HERE.
I was thrilled to get home today by 1:00 pm. Emily had already teased and covered mares. Lola is now out but Zalena is still in and covered by Evan. Mara was teased but is not showing. Tomorrow since Honey needs the short cycle shot I may as well give Winston and Whistler their spring shots too. We got around an inch of rain yesterday and last night and everything is soaked. I know this because we needed some updated pictures of Whistler and when I took him into the round pen I sunk so deep I lost my shoe.

Whistler was very well behaved, he was good for grooming to get some of that winter coat off him then led well heading out and coming back.
After the pictures were posted on the website I went back outside to check Sheena's udder. This is why I'm checking her udder twice a day:
 Sheena and Eliza were grazing across the pond. The grass there is chest tall and Eliza is kind of lazy, she didn't even have to bend her neck down to eat.
Sheena's due date is May 13th but she went 10 days late last year. Eliza is due the 30th but went 2 weeks early last year. 
Since I was across the pond the goose was checked on. She is still sitting on her nest. I have no idea how many eggs are under her. This is the second try for this pair. Their first nest had 3 eggs in it and something destroyed the nest and broke the eggs. They are doing a good job with keeping this nest private.
 After supper I went over to mom's to see the puppies. Joan and Berlica were there. Joan found a push lawn mower at a garage sale for $20.00. She had just tried it out at mom's and it worked. She is pretty thrilled with it.  Molly's puppies are fat and happy, their eyes should start opening later this week. Molly is a good mom.
Joan walked out to leave when Diane and Ruth arrived. They visited a bit before coming in to see the puppies and visit with mom. It's like grand central station around here when there are puppies to play with. 

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