Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Mellow Jenis?

This morning before leaving for work Eliza and her colt were put back in the stalls. The weather was predicted to be hot and sunny. Too hot for a young very black colt and I knew I wouldn't be home until late today. We had a very busy day at Berean. To read about our work there click HERE.  We were not able to finish even though we worked until 3:00 pm so if anyone has any free hours and would like to volunteer I'll be there tomorrow from 9:00 am to noon. We have a bunch of envelopes that need to be stuffed.
When I got home Mark and I took the golf cart over to mom's to try out her new beach. The lake water is cool but refreshing. My family loves the beach. Karin, Anni and Jessica drove up to Lake Michigan yesterday so today spur of the moment Sarah, Rachel, Rebekah and Jordan decided to go up from here and join them for the day then talked Bethany, Hannah and Faith into coming too. Hannah and Faith are in Bluffton visiting Bethany and it was only about a 3 hour trip for both cars.

As you can tell work is not the number 1 priority in our family. It is much more important to be frolicking with family on a beach somewhere.
Emily spent the evening mowing. The place looks great. Tonight Jenis and Eliza were up at the gate asking to come out. They weren't hungry, right now there is plenty of grass in the pond pasture, I think they just wanted to roam around visiting the other horse. Eliza's colt got confused at one point and thought Jenis was his mom. I was pretty concerned she was going to kick him but she didn't move a muscle until Eliza came and rescued him. That was unusual for her as in the past she hasn't like the babies.
 Above Eliza's colt has gone over to Jenis thinking she was his mom. Eliza nonchalantly walked over and claimed him. Eliza will not let any of the other mare near her colt. She pins her ears and threatens all who tried then totally accepted Jenis. That was weird.  

 Above is Jenis and below is Eliza and her colt back where he belongs. 
Once they were put away Mark and I worked on installing the generator for the house. 

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