Monday, May 23, 2016

Working Working Working

I noticed as I was getting ready to leave that both sets of geese parents were out on the pond. The eggs must have hatched for the second couple. Sure enough there were 2 new goslings for this pair. They were sitting on 3 eggs so not sure if the 3rd egg didn't hatch or they already lost one gosling.
 Below is the second pair with their 5 which are all doing well. These are about a week old. They grow so fast. 
I left for the Berean office  and worked until 11:45 am typing in 130 Bible labels and 270 study labels. I ran home to put Eliza and her colt in the stall to get them out of the heat around 12:15 pm then over to Phil and Anna's to relieve Gertie of watching the girls so she could get to her doctor appointment. At 1:00 pm I had a mare coming in for breeding and the owner said she was at a 45 mm and needed to be covered today. Kensley was taking a nap so mom came over to watch her while I took Braelyn and Taegan over to the farm. They played in the sand while I met Nikki's owner. Nikki is a nice BIG mare who was covered by Valiant this afternoon. That turned out to be a bit harder than expected. She was a maiden mare and didn't want to stand. Thankfully her owner was willing to hold that magic twitch. Once Nikki was on her way home I took the girls back and relieved mom. Kensly had just woken up so the timing worked out well.
This afternoon we took the mower off the tractor and put on the road grader to work on the outdoor arena.

While Mark was busy working there I took the golf cart into the pond pasture for a few pictures of the 4 foals there.
 Above is Eliza's colt and below is Soul's filly.

 Above is Indy's filly and below is Sheena's colt. 
Emily came out to take a break from studying as I was taking the picture below of the sun low on the horizon. Mark was working on the arena and the dust was flying so it made it seem darker than it really was.
We still had daylight so Emily and I went into the other pasture to get pictures of the 5 foals there.
 Above left to right is Zalena's filly behind Ayanna's colt then Star's filly. Below left is Ayanna's colt and right is Lola's filly. 

Above is Star's filly and below is Lily's filly
From there we took the golf cart over to see what Tim got done today on mom's landscaping project. WOW were we impressed. This was an amazing transformation in ONE day.

 Below is the new beach.
Of course we can't leave mom's without stopping in and playing with the puppies.

They are cute fat balls of fluff and so much fun to play with. 

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