Sunday, May 1, 2016

More Rain

Well our ground is pretty much soaked and we are thankful. The horses are now muddy, at least those that have rolled. We sure needed a good soaking rain and between yesterday's rain and today's rain are up over an inch.  Mom's dog Molly still hasn't had her puppies but this evening she has started labor and today is her due date of 63 days. She is still in the first stages of labor so it may be a long night. Hopefully tomorrow we will have pictures of puppies.
We had another great day in church. Greg had the morning service and Craig had the afternoon. It was so good to be there. We in Peoria are most blessed.
After church Phil and Anna brought the girls over for a short visit while they picked up the lawn mower. We had a couple surprise flower bouquets dropped off as a May Day surprise. Berlica brought the first one then Faith and Sarah showed up with the second. I was just going to go borrow a couple of Joan's kids for some pictures when they showed up. I needed them to show how friendly and tall Indy's new filly is for a prospective buyer.

The pictures were emailed and this is the response that came back: I am already so in love with her she is absolutely perfect, I'm so very excited.  
So what exactly does that mean? Does that mean they are going to buy her? They didn't ask how to make the deposit, just emailed before Indy delivered that they wanted her foal and how long before we wean. I cannot mark her sold unless a deposit is in hand.
I was also sent the picture below from Julie the owner of Olivia with this statement: Evans babies grow into beauties.

These horses are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside. It makes us happy to know how pleased people are with these horsemeister foals. Olivia is out of Jewel by Evan so she is a Raven grand daughter and an Evan daughter. Tonight some of us went to the Streitmatter barn for Praise and Worship

some of us went to Skylines for a talk on the new school in Kenya and some of us went to the Fellowship hall for hymn sing and some of us stayed home to be with Molly.

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