Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Star In

Cindy, Glenna and I worked at the Berean office until noon today. Once home it was time to work with the babies. Joanna was the first filly worked with, she was good for haltering but has almost grown out of the weanling size halter. It is now on the last hole. Star was teased and is now in so was covered by Valiant before working with her filly. She is doing very well, she does not pull back at all when wearing a halter. The last filly I worked with was Zalena's filly. She did ok, not as well as her older sisters but not terrible.
Indy and Soul were moved out of the stalls today. They were placed first in the pond pasture together to get use to being together. That was interesting. Indy was led out to the pasture then when Soul was brought out Indy ran back into the paddock. She was surprised to see Soul and there was a lot of posturing going on until Soul ran into the pasture. Indy didn't want to be left and took off following and from that point on they were fine. Below are pictures of the skirmish.

Once they had all bonded they were taken over to the cabin field. Sheena was brought here so I can keep an eye on her udder which is slowly filling. Sheena is the next mare due, May 13th. Sheena and Eliza are now in the pond pasture but both mares come when called for their grain. These 2 really like each other.
Molly is doing well with her puppies. They are gaining and growing. Updated pictures will be taken soon. These will soon be balls of fluff! The pictures below are of her last litter in 2014. Check out how cute they are:
These new puppies will be just as cute in a couple weeks.
These puppies are for sale, they are non shedding, purebred Shih Tzu puppies that will end up around 10 to 12 pounds. Mom has a vet appointment to have the dew claws removed.

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