Saturday, May 28, 2016

Camping Trip Cancelled

We decided to move the horse camping to mom's lake. She has such a nice beach but the real reason was the weather. Storms were predicted. Thankfully they held off until the last ride was just finishing up. No camp fire tonight but the rest of the day was a blast. To see the pictures (and there are a lot) click HERE.
I'll let the pictures tell the stories, we are exhausted from our long day of playing outside.
Early this morning Lily and her filly Joanna were taken out to Middle Grove and Bunni and Mika were brought back here for the scheduled trail rides today. When I got back Eliza was covered by Valiant today. She is now in her foal heat. We had lots of visitors today.
A new Evan son was born, the owner sent the picture below. They said he is a big strong colt.

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