Saturday, April 30, 2016

We Got Rain

We awoke to a gentle soft rain that continued all day giving us .6 of an inch. Earlier we had gotten .4 giving us an inch this week. So so thankful, even though it was miserable working outside today as the temperatures only made into the low 50s.. Lily was teased in the rain and then covered by Valiant in the rain. Lola, April, Zalena and Adara were taken to the indoor and left inside to dry off and warm up for most of the day. This evening the rain stopped, they were glad to get back with the other mares. Indy's filly is doing wonderful. She is nursing well and getting strong. She has been trying out those long legs of her trotting around her mom in the stall.
Soul was brought over this afternoon. She is due May 7th and her udder is filling up. I need to have her here to keep an eye on her. This is the first foal she has had for us here. She had a colt by her side when we bought her (Ripper) but don't know if she went on time, early or late.
Sheena was left at the cabin field. If she isn't happy by herself we will bring her over too, but so far she has been fine.
Karin brought Nancy over late this afternoon and Nancy helped clean stalls and pick up the manure the mares left in the indoor. She loves to help.
I had to run to Sams for dog food and picked up a rotisserie chicken for supper. I'm really tired today and will be glad to have an early night. Most of last night was up waiting for Indy to deliver then waiting for the filly to stand and nurse.

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