Thursday, October 7, 2010

Walker Sally's 2010 Filly

This poor filly is not yet named. Her big sister is leaving for Canada on Sunday and she NEEDS a home.
We decided not to breed Walker Sally back to Raven this year and sent her and her filly to Middle Grove when the filly was 4 days old. She has had NO handling other than the first 4 days of her life. I was very impressed with her behavior. Both times she jumped right in the trailer, in fact taking her back from Bridlewood to the Hanna City farm, she was first in the trailer. Joan was bringing her over planning on giving me the leadrope and I hear, "this one wants in" turn around and there she is.
She still needs work on leading, and picking up her feet but she has the tie down pat. She stood tied to the trailer the entire time we were video taping the vaulters without one fuss.
She also let me clean burrs out of her tail and mane quietly. She is another if just given attention will fall in love with her owner. Please someone buy this little filly and give her a home. We are only asking $2500.00 AND she comes with a reduced breeding fee of only $500.00 to Evan at age 3. She is a RAVEN daughter and will make a beautiful, black, wonderful family mare if only given the chance.

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