Wednesday, October 27, 2010


The only time I really need glasses is driving in the dark which usually means night but yesterday leaving the house at 6:55am the glasses were needed until arrival at 7:12am. This morning it is black as can be and already 6:44am. We are ready for the time change. Not that we don't enjoy the sunlight in the afternoon but sure is hard to get moving when the sun doesn't make it's presence known until we are at work.
The wind yesterday was amazing, blowing against the windows trying desperately to break into the house and when driving, actually moving our small car. Each feeder at the farm needed to be dumped of water before feeding. Not sure how much rain we got but Raven's pen was pretty flooded.
Mike ordered more road mix, this time a semi load so once that comes we will start packing the paddocks. The new one planned will have to wait for dryer weather.
Rhoda rode Autumn again last night, she wasn't as good with the extreme wind and flooded arena, she took her into the field but didn't want to tear it up so stuck pretty much to a walk. Laura is going to start riding her 3 days a week, Monday's Fridays and Saturdays. Karin would like to ride her on Thursday's depending on her work and driving schedule.
Poor Sanna was brought in to Bridlewood and she would so much rather be back at the farm with Jenis and Ylse.
She was brought into the stall last night and grained so hopefully she will start to enjoy being here. She is such a gentle soul. I'll be looking for someone to exercise her a bit so her left hind leg doesn't swell. Sanna has a skin condition on that leg that causes it to swell in wet soggy weather. She needs to walk on it, at the farm she was just standing at the round bale which isn't good for her leg. Perhaps Cathie has a Pony Clubber without a horse that would like to ride her.

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