Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Clean up

Steven worked another 6 hours on the back manure pile, then spent an hour cleaning up the skid steer. The skid steer is wonderful for cleaning paddocks and moving manure but the clean up takes about an hour each time and that time must be factored in before leaving for the day.
We got an update on Chloe's transportation. The hauler is still hung up at the border dealing with a difficult vet. Now it is looking like she will be picked up on Friday. Chloe was brought into the stall again today and fed, this time she was glad to go inside the dark stall. She got a groom and feet cleaning while she was eating. She is still not leading as well as she should. She doesn't want to leave Duke and sometimes lags behind. Oh well each day she gets better so this will give me a few more days to work on that.
Choir tonight and Eva Jean is serving, that means the most fantastic meat balls EVER!

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