Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spoon River 1st Day

The farm was first on the trip to feed the horses and play with the 2 fillies being weaned, then it was off to the Old School Center in Farmington, IL where the Heart of IL Vaulters were to give pony rides. Last night the horses were left in a paddock with a water tank I borrowed from Bridlewood. This morning the tank is EMPTY, no water at all. I ran to fill it quickly it starts to fill up and only then do I see the tank I struggled with to get it in the trailer to haul it out for the horses has had HOLES DRILLED INTO the BOTTOM of the TANK! Dan had an extra half barrel that was put into the water tank and filled. The weather was cool and the horses were not too thirsty.
Karin and crew arrived around 9:30am and as soon as the ponies were brought out, even before tacking them up there was a line up of people.

Jenis was a real hit, in fact we took pictures and email address to send out pictures of some of her riders.

She actually was a little up when first brought out with the cool weather and wind so Bethany, Sarah and Steven all rode her around first.

Paris was a real hit again this year. She is such a favorite we had many repeat customers from last year that remembered her name.

Two little girls came running up to me, I asked them, "do you want pony rides?" and they responded with big smiles,"YES!" they were shocked when I told them they cost $2.00, I looked at their little shocked faces and realized they were my great NEICES! I must be the mean aunt. Of course when I realized it was Michelle's daughter and Amy Beth's daughter they got their rides for FREE!

Jenis was even used for doubles and was GOOD!

Duke was also recognized and requested.

Below is a mother daughter team, each on their own black horse.

I left early, Karin is staying until the closing at 5:00pm and will settle the horses down for the night and tomorrow we get to do it all over again. We collected $285.00 for our first day.

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