Friday, October 29, 2010

The Fall

After everything was done at the farm, we were getting ready for our walk when Rachel's boy came by heading to the bus looking like this: I ran back to get the camera and as I was running to get in front of him to take his picture Emma banged into me knocking my legs out from under and the ground was hit with such force, I'm sure it set off a minor earthquake. It took a minute to get up off the driveway and I'll have bruises where no camera should ever be pointed but all is well.
After the walk mom served a delicious breakfast. She even lights the candles for breakfast, very elegant.

After breakfast it was time for work. The paddock here at Bridlewood needed cleaning.
Tania Thousand came to get Sanna ready for her lesson so a break was in order to take some pictures. It was a good excuse to sit (well maybe not sit)and rest.

Tania has Sanna looking good.

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