Saturday, October 23, 2010

Soggy Show

The gentle rain turned into a downpour and just about the time the jumping was to start the thunder started to roll. The jumping classes were all cancelled. The game classes were to start over at the other barn. Trying to video tape in the dark arena was just not going work. No sense in staying in the barn cold wet and miserable so it was off to home. The pictures taken were all in the dark warm-up arena. Kathy Tranel is taking pictures of the show and will email them to me. She has a grand daughter riding in the show. Below is Duke and his rider Grace. Duke is obviously NOT happy about the rain, he is sticking out his tongue at the cold wet arena!

Honey and her rider Whitney are having fun even if they are wet and cold.

Below is both girls listening to their instructor Cathie Trent.

Jazz is enjoying her good grooming session while waiting to be tacked up and ridden by her owner Carmen.

Rhoda getting ready to bridle Sangria, hard to keep everything dry in this kind of weather.

Even with all the rain and cold the pony clubbers are still having a lot of fun.

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